Chelsea 2 – 2 Juventus (19 / 09 / 2012) [For Rick Peters]

Well I can’t bet for shit. My initial one went down last night because of some crap European match that I can’t even remember. I had Juventus to win in that one.  Then, in a moment of madness tonight, I foolishly bet on Chelsea to win when they were 2-1 up. £9.30 may not sound much, but when it’s all you’ve got in your account and you’re £1100 quid overdrawn, trust me, it’s heartbreaking. A bet ‘slip,’ if you will. God, that’s awful. A better man than I would ignore the match-fixing scandal surrounding Juventus of late.

To be fair, Juventus deserved to win. They were the dominant team from start to finish in my eyes, yet a deflected goal and a wonder strike, both from young playmaker Oscar, caused me to lose my senses. I knew that Torres had been isolated all game, and looked like he’d do anything but score; in his efforts to replicate Drogba’s form at Chelsea, it seemed he had taken it upon himself to drop to the floor at every viable opportunity. Hazard was quiet, for a change, and never looked like replicating his Premier League form. Bertrand was once again brought on, to do an as yet unspecified job; he just wanders up and down the left wing, occasionally getting forward but never coming back. And David Luiz! Gary Neville got it spot on when he said Luiz played like he was being controlled by a kid with a Playstation.

But I don’t want to detract from the performance of Juventus. Vidal’s weak-foot goal, and Quagliarella’s finish, both of which were excellent goals, didn’t do them justice. Quagliarella, whom I have been a big fan of ever since his lobbed World Cup goal in 2010, did everything right, and took advantage of some lax defending.

Still, to use yet another cliché, anything can happen in football, and I, and Chelsea in fact, paid the price tonight.


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