Liverpool 1 – 2 Manchester United (23 / 09 / 2012)

Didn’t see that coming. Well, first I didn’t see Liverpool being the better team, but as I watched the first half unfold, with Liverpool hounding United all over the pitch, I thought it was only a matter of time until they scored and won. Half-right isn’t too bad.

The only thing less consistent than my match prediction was the refereeing. Evans should have been booked. Evra should have been booked. Shelvey should have been booked, and been shown a second one shortly after, rather than a straight red. Valencia’s penalty was laughable, given for a tackle that never came. It’s debatable whether Liverpool should have had one too in the dying minutes.

Liverpool need two things. I’ve lost count of the number of football conversations I’ve had which mention Liverpool’s need for a proper finisher, because if Borini is meant to fill that gap, Rodgers should be sectioned. The other thing they need is luck. They barely did anything wrong today, attacking the game with a ferocity United couldn’t match, and it’s rare to concede two goals that you can’t do much about.

I also like how Rodgers is giving youth a chance, though I suppose when your other choice is Stewart Downing, you’d play anybody instead. Suso was particularly impressive, popping up everywhere, just running and running. Allen also impressed by actually running with the ball, rather than just squaring it to a man ten yards away.

Given time, Liverpool will be successful again, but I think it will take longer than the board are willing to give Rodgers, and then they have to do it all over again. Here’s hoping I’m wrong yet again.


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