Barcelona 2 – 2 Real Madrid (07 / 10 / 2012)

I haven’t written one of these for a while. There hasn’t been a match that interested me enough; you only have to look at the Arsenal / Chelsea game a week ago to see my point. A game decided by three goals, and yet nothing really happened. It never came alive, grabbed you by the balls and forced you to watch, because you daren’t look away.

One such game however was played tonight. It was easily the best match I’ve seen for some time, and the best argument you could give to convince me that La Liga is better than the Premiership. I still don’t think it’s better as a league, but El Clasico might be the best match the world has to offer. Undoubtedly, it has the two best players in the world right now, and two of the best teams. The other players aren’t bad either.

I’ll tell you why the Premiership is better than La Liga, and it’s an argument you’ve no doubt heard before but still rings true. Let this be written proof that I will sacrifice my left testicle to the gods if any team other than Barcelona or Real Madrid win their league. But, who do you think will win the Premier league this season? You’re wrong unless you said Chelsea. Or United. Maybe City. Arsenal could sneak it actually. Tottenham might have a good run.

If Ronaldo returns to English soil, and he’s been hinting again recently, then it would be interesting to see which club he joins. United is an obvious guess, yet one more unlikely than you’d think.  Would Fergie want him back? He’s hardly one to forgive and forget. Would United spend nearly £100 million bringing him back? City would, and Ronaldo doesn’t seem the type to care about possible hostility; rather, he’d thrive on it like El Hadji Diouf  at a bellend convention. Chelsea would also come knocking.

In the end, it doesn’t matter to anyone but yourself which league you think is better. Like Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters said: “If you like Kesha, listen to Kesha.” But for fuck’s sake, don’t listen to Kesha.


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