Oldham 1 – 1 Scunthorpe (18 / 09 / 2012)

Going 1-0 down after only three minutes of play can be a sad sight for some teams, but not for an Oldham fan. You’re cheering that it’s not two or three already. Especially in home games. I didn’t watch it myself, seeing as I can only think of two occasions in recent memory that Latics have had a match broadcast, but I did follow the online commentary. Starting Matt Derbyshire after signing him on loan was a surprise (granted, not as much of a surprise as actually managing to sign him), but I was further shocked to find out that he’d equalised on the stroke of half-time.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll always hold out hope that we can pull off an unlikely win, which unfortunately is every week. It’s just that you learn to see the truth instead of the mindless optimism. With this result, Oldham have gone three games unbeaten in a row now. Or, as I now see it, Oldham have gone three games without looking like they could win.

It’s not Dickov’s fault; without him, they wouldn’t be able to sign as many or as quality youngsters on loan from Man City, which Oldham so desperately need. I don’t even think they play particularly bad football. Perhaps it’s because whenever someone has a good season, a little bit of money is thrown at them from elsewhere and cash-strapped Oldham are powerless to resist.

That’s why Man City signing Maicon could save Oldham. With Micah Richards now pushed even further down the pecking order, despite being one of England’s quality right-backs, he may seek a move elsewhere. Undoubtedly commanding a transfer fee of at least £10 million and with a 20% sell-on fee for Oldham, the best move for City, Oldham and himself could be if he left. Actually no, the best thing for Oldham would be if Richards came back to Oldham, but somehow I doubt that will happen.